They referred us a 38 year-old woman, normal medical history, non smoker.
It had been placed by other dentist 3 implants and lost two of them by an infection that causes the defect on the picture.

As options we consider the possibility of placing short implants or performing a mandibular reconstruction with standard implants in a second stage surgery.

Shorts implants could be place and implant-supported prostheses rehabilitation but has 3 major drawbacks: unfavorable lever arms, poor soft tissue quality, as it is very close to the floor of the mouth, and difficult hygiene.

We decide to perform the reconstruction surgery as the patient is young, healthy and a nonsmoking patient which allow us to place implants of standard size, away from the floor of the mouth and prevent unfavourable lever arms. Tunnel approach it is done, allowing us to close the reconstruction without tension in the suture, without compromising the vascular supply of the periosteum performing the three-dimensional reconstruction technique with autologous graft as described by professor Khoury.

Below you can see pictures of the surgery, we have drawn in black and white tongue and floor of mouth so you can really appreciate the defect’s size.
Hope you like it.

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